Monday, October 05, 2015

Kelly Sue DeConnick A Non Compliant Conversation about Bitch Planet Pretty Deadly and More

Kelly Sue DeConnick is back! Just in time for the release of the first Bitch Planet arc in graphic novel form, from Image Oct 7th. We review the first arc with a nod toward the upcoming 6th issue .

SPOILER WARNING from 31:33-35:45 Bitch planet spoiler stuff  during these few minutes if you haven't read the first 5 issues.

We also talk about the return of Pretty Deadly this November with artist Emma Rios, and have a frank discussion about diversity in comics. 

In the interview Kelly Sue mentioned an exceptional British WW2 spy Nancy Wake. As it says in the start of her Wasington Post Obit. "The Gestapo called her “The White Mouse” for the way she deftly avoided their traps." 
Read her incredible story here 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Cincy Comic Con Panels W Rick Remender Tony Moore Evan Dorkin Ryan Browne Sarah Dyer and more

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Our Cincy Comic Con coverage begins with 2 great panels loaded with candid conversation from creators who've struggled in the creator owned before hitting their goals. Some would say they're still struggling today after being in the biz for 30 years.
First up The Fear Agent 10th anniversary panel with Rick Remender (Uncanny Avengers Captain America)  Tony Moore (The Walking Dead Punisher Ghost Rider) and Mike Hawthorne (Deadpool The Un-Men). Rick and Tony created the Fear Agent Heath Huston, space cowboy, interplanetary war vet, and killer of icky space creatures . The series was an homage to the 50's EC comics style of Sci-Fi, and the guys talk about the book's struggle over 32 issues and how it inspired many of their works that followed.
1:23:50-end of show
More Creator owned advice from this excellent panel featuring Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese, DC Comics World's Funniest) Zine editor publisher Sarah Dyer (Action Girl) Kickstarter Master Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts- Blast Furnace) and amazing illustrator Jeremy Bastion (Arcadia's Cursed Pirate Girl) . This information they share is extremely helpful to any aspiring creators. It's one of the best panels I've had the pleasure of moderating.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Valentine D'Landro Talks Bitch Planet Heath Corson On Bizzaro

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Great conversations this week. First Val Delandro tells us about his comics art career . From drawing backgrounds in a Toronto Studio to Marvel gigs like his long collaboration with Peter David on the X-men book X-Factor. Today Val is co creator of Bitch Planet, the Sci-Fi Prison World Sports epic written by the red hot scribe Kelly Sue DeConnick .

Then writer Heath Corson is back in studio to talk about his current run n the very funny Bizarro with dynamic art by Gustavo Duarte . Heath also talks about recent animated features that are on the market now, including the Tom & Jerry-Jonny Quest crossover SPY QUEST, and the latest Batman Unlimited & Arkham Asylum (the animated precursor to next year's SUICIDE SQUAD film) . Heath is also a great comics podcaster, and he talk about his show The Nerdist Writers Panel Comics Edition